We offer comprehensive advice, including drafting of all types of contracts and documents, as well as representation in all matters related to construction and architectural and design industries.

We provide advice at all stages of planning, execution and operation of projects. We cooperate with all players involved in the investment and construction process, including employers, developers, general contractors, subcontractors, designers, engineeers, service providers, and others.

Our construction practice provides experienced legal service on a variety of legal issues, i.a.:

  • drafting of all contracts used in construction (Build, Design and Build, EPC, EPCM, contracts based on the FIDIC Conditions, consortium and joint-venture agreements, contracts for architectural and design services, subcontracts and other contractual documents)
  • revision and editing of contracts used in construction
  • representation in negotiation of contracts used in construction
  • drafting of bid conditions and construction contract bid review
  • revision of contracts signed under public procurement rules in terms of their compliance with the law
  • advice and representation in procurement procedures under the Public Procurement Law
  • advice and representation at the project execution stage
  • preparation and notification to the other party of claims related to the performance of contract (including claims for extention of time for contract completion or completion of a milestone, related to the settlement of costs of acceleration or prolongation of works, related to the settlement of additional works and replacement works, related to increase in price and production costs during the construction project execution, calculation, mitigation and settlement of contractual penalties)
  • advice with regard to changes of contractor, resulting i.a. from the bankruptcy of a consortium member
  • counselling and representation at the pre-trial stage of dispute resolution
  • counselling and representation before a contract engineer
  • counselling and representation before a dispute adjudication board
  • counselling and representation in state court and arbitration proceedings
  • provision of specialised legal opinions