We offer comprehensive legal advice, including drafting of all types of contracts and documents, as well as representation in all administrative and court proceedings in the energy sector, for entities operating in the conventional, nuclear and renewable energy sector, companies in the cogeneration and heating sector, and entities operating in the gas and liquid fuels sector, including leading domestic and international energy companies.

We provide experienced legal service on a variety of legal issues, i.a.:

  • comprehensive advice on planning, implementation, upgrading and operation of energy projects, including power plants and grid investments
  • advising, drafting pleadings, and representation in all administrative and court proceedings related to execution of energy projects, including proceedings regarding concessions, tariffs, environment, location, and construction of projects
  • drafting and revision of energy or gas grid interconnection agreements, as well as counselling and representation in grid interconnection process and in the dealings with grid operators
  • advice on electricity or fuel trading, supply contracts, energy or fuel distribution and transmission contracts, contracts on storage of gas and fuels, trade in emission rights and rights under certificates of origin, and other trade agreements
  • advice on securing contractual positions in various transactions in the energy industry
  • legal services in M&A transactions in the energy industry
  • representation in court proceedings and before administrative bodies
  • provision of specialised advice on regulatory, environmental, planning and construction matters
  • legal audits on appropriate application of provisions of energy law and related laws, preparation of specialised due diligence reports
  • legal opinions on European law and its impact on operations on energy market