We provide comprehensive legal assistance in various areas of environmental law, including legal aspects of environmental impact assessment, water protection, protection against onerous activities, administrative requirements and legal liability for environmental damage. We advise on Polish regulations, the EU law requirements and international treaties. We specialise in complex environmental protection law issues including cross-border aspects, and environmental impact of major industrial or infrastructure undertakings.

Within the environmental protection practice we offer:

  • advice on the environmental impact at all stages of conducted business activity, including expert counselling and representation in administrative proceedings regarding environmental impact assessment and assessment of impact on Nature 2000 sites during the construction process, including proceedings with cross-border environmental impact element and ecological surveys
  • identification and assessment of potential legal risks of environmental impact, including responsibility for environmental pollution, liability for environmental damage, including historical contamination
  • advice on contractual liability for environmental pollution
  • advice and representation in all types of procedures related to environmental protection in an investment process, at various stages of proceedings before central and regional authorities, environmental authorities, voivodship administrative courts, the Supreme Administrative Court, and common courts
  • preparation of legal opinions and analyses on Polish law, EU regulations and international treaties on environmental law
  • comprehensive environmental law advice during merger and acquisition transactions
  • conduct of legal environmental audits, also in the form of due diligence reports
  • advice on legal issues associated with conduct of geological work, exploring and prospecting for mineral deposits and extracting minerals from deposits, obtaining access to geological documentation