We offer comprehensive legal advice on real estate law and investment process. We also advise on investments financing, opine on and negotiate conditions of credit agreements, as well as advise on debt security. We conduct comprehensive analyses of real estate legal standing (due diligence) and prepare specialised reports in this regard.

Our offer in the area of real estate and investment process includes provision of the following legal services:

  • determination of the legal status of real property investment
  • assessment of the legal nature, form and effectiveness of contracts concluded with relevant entities possessing the land
  • drafting or assessment of contracts pertaining to the investment, providing advice and representation with regard to contracts related to construction projects, including those executed by foreign contractors
  • assistance in transactions regarding real estate, including negotiation of terms of sale and lease agreements
  • advice and representation in execution of developers’ projects in industrial, infrastructural, residential, commercial (including large-area facilities), office, or hotel construction sectors
  • advice and representation in matters related to lease and tenancy of residential, hotel, industrial or commercial property
  • dispute resolution between investors and other participants of the investment process with respect to financial and organisational issues
  • advice and representation in all administrative and court proceedings related to the construction process and spatial planning
  • assessment of the terms, conditions and restrictions of administrative decisions, e.g., on building permits, development conditions etc.
  • assessment of compliance with legal provisions of the following statues: Construction Law, the Act on Real Property Management, the Act on the Acquisition of Property by Foreigners, the Act on Formation of the Agricultural System and the Act on the Protection of Farmland and Forests
  • analysis of compliance with environmental protection laws and legal problems stemming from the impact of construction projects on the environment
  • identification of the list of decisions and permits necessary to carry out construction projects
  • drafting and revision of agreements on investment financing from various sources, including assessment of the legal structure of loan agreements, contracts on venture financing by participants, as well as sureties, guarantees and collateral agreements on part of the investor
  • drafting and revision of contracts leading to incorporation of project companies (in their proper organisational form)
  • identification of legal risks of an investment as well as risk-mitigation measures, and determination of the legal effects of specific investment solutions, with regard to particular risks which may arise in the course of project execution phase
  • specialised legal advice on land servitudes, including transmission line easement
  • representation in proceedings before the land and mortgage register courts